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All of SubmeterOne's billing services are Web enabled, allowing our customers unprecedented convenience and ease of access to real time account data. For more information on these services please call our marketing department at (225) 765-7577 or email

Utility Submetering and Billing Services

Submeter One provides turn-key sub-metering design, installation, and support tailored to your infrastructure and requirements. In addition to offering, a variety of industry-standard systems, Submeter One has partnered with leading manufacturers in the energy management business to provide a broad spectrum of advanced metering solutions such as Utility Pre-Pay, Curtailment and Energy Management.

Energy Management for Multifamily Properties

Submetering is not for everyone. Perhaps the way that the utilities were originally installed makes it too expensive or maybe your property is in a soft market. SubmeterOne has a wireless energy management solution that lets you determine the maximum heating level and the minimum cooling level. The tenant can only control his energy usage within limits set by management. Property owners can experience savings as high as 20%.

Prepay Utility Plans

Do you know that telephone; mobile phone, cable TV and other services often collect in advance of usage? SubmeterOne offers a prepay system that requires residents to pay for utility usage in advance of using it. Its simple, the resident buys energy units by depositing money into his or her account. The utility Submeter reports usage to our servers on a daily basis and debits the funds on deposit. The resident can access his or her account at any time via the internet to see the remaining deposit and increase the deposit via on line payments. If funds reach a minimum predetermined level, approximate five days of utility consumption, we notify the resident vie email of his account status.

Vacant Unit Cost Recovery

Are you getting cheated out of a few days utilities on every move-in? Residents sometimes unknowingly and often knowingly fail to transfer utilities into their name, to get a few days of free utilities. SubmeterOne can help recover these funds by billing and collecting from the cheating resident.

Expense Billing for Condominium and Home Owners Associations, Clubs, Subscription Based Businesses and other organizations:

Tired of trying to collect dues, appropriations, monthly services and other fees from your neighbors or customers! SubmeterOne offers a third party solution for all of your regular billing needs, whether monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, we can bill, collect and remit collected funds back to your association.

Multifamily Property Management Software

Think you are too small to afford first class management software? Well think again, Submeter One offers a complete web based property management solution for our billing clients. This system is fully featured and includes; . Our systems are hosted at a Internet Hosting Company, Tier III data center, where your data is private and secure.

For more information on these services please call our marketing department at (225) 765-7577 or email


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