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Notice to customers:
Submeter One is in no way affiliated with Prism Money and gave no permission to Prism Money to accept payments for Submeter ONE.


Submeter One is the premier provider of billing and payment processing services in the multi- housing industry. We are a member owned company. Our member-customers sit on the board, share in our profits and have a significant voice in the delivery and development of new services.

Submeter One provides a one stop shop including;

          Multi-Family Energy Management Solutions,

          Submetering Design and Installation,

          Utility Submetering Billing Services,

          Utility RUBS Billing Services,

          Vacant Unit Cost Recovery Service,

          Expense Billing For Home Owner and Condominium Associations,

          Billing for Subscription based Businesses.,

          Dues and Membership Fee Billing for Clubs and Organizations,

          Multifamily Property Management Software for Small Property Owners,

          Real-Time Web Based Inquiry for all services, and

          Payment Processing via on line, credit card, bank drafts or check.

To Test Drive our systems or for more information on these services please call our marketing department at (225) 765-7577 or email sales@submeterone.com.

For Louisiana Customer Service call (225) 769-3403
For Toll Free Customer Service call (800) 769-3403
For Corporate and SALES call (225) 765-7577

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